Facial Treatments


This skin type usually has open pores and an oily surface, with a tendency towards pimples, blackheads and a sallow appearance. This is due to the over production of the oily substance called sebum by the oil glands in the lower layers of the skin. Strawberries are bursting with powerful anti-oxidants and loads of vitamin ‘C’ which clears excess oil, acne& also it protects from uv rays. Orange Peel removes dead cells, blackheads. Honey nourishes the skin. It also has sugar, lemon & cucumber which cures pores, blemishes, dark circles, and brightens face.


Dry skin is characterized by scaling on the cheeks and tautness. Underneath, the skin lacks suppleness and therefore feels rough, tight and itchy after washing. Oats are full of fiber. Its removes dryness & moisturizes the skin. It has avocado which is full of nutrients (A,B,C,E) & copper, potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. This hydrates & lightens the skin. Almond& yogurt gives moisture too. This facial revives your skin by giving it the right amount of moisture, and evens out your tone, leaving your skin evidently supple and charming.


Concerned about signs of aging on your skin? Feel like your skin needs a revitalizing power boost? Then this is the treatment for you deal for prematurely ageing, sun damaged skins; the vitamin repair treatment restores the skins natural glow. It also provides protection against free radicals and pollution and noticeably improves elasticity, tone and texture.


Help stop your uneven pigmentation at its cause. Try the latest in vitamin repair. Designed to treat dry, sun damaged (pigmented) or prematurely aging skin conditions. The treatment is completely non-irritating even on sensitive skins using natural vitamins to noticeably improve skin elasticity, tone and texture. This treatment balances areas of uneven pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance, UV exposure &ageing by helping to regulate melanin production.

Avahan spa Signature Facials:

One part of the body that really needs your appearance is that face. Facial are meant to clean up the skin and unclog the pores, so that you are blessed with radiant and younger looking skin. No matter what kind of skin problem you are facing, fruits are always a great solution for them. It is safe and also works effectively.


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